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Our Mission Statement

To educate and bring community awareness in saving the coastline, ocean, waterways and its resources. To protect animals, mammals, birds and marine life and to inform the public of the barrier island's historic significance.


Vern Shank

Vice President

Dave Cox

David Cox.jpg
Office Manager

Rick Hinton


Audie Colon

About Us

Save the Surf, Inc. is a nonprofit focused on the conservation of the beaches, oceans and their inhabitants. We partner with local communities, governments and businesses to provide awareness of important environmental issues relying solely on donations to support our mission.

Sea Turtle

Save the Surf, Inc. relies solely on donations to fulfill our mission. ‎With the help of our donors, we are able to continue to educate the public and bring community awareness. Your tax-deductible gift will help us continue our mission for clean beaches & a healthy ocean.

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